Everything we do is dedicated to connecting customers to great products. Technology plays a critical role in our everyday lives, and at Tiger Rock Innovative Centre Limited , your hardware and software needs are paired with great prices.

Between our long-standing manufacturer partnerships and national reach, we have the resources you need to succeed, including:

  • A digital catalog of many products, services and solutions
  • New or like-new Certified Refurbished computers, data storages, servers and more
  • Free business accounts and bulk purchasing
  • Experienced staff that will help you every step of the way
  • Booting up a new machine brings us joy. It's a moment when the potential for fun and productivity feels limitless. Sharing that joy with businesses and creative professionals is our passion.

Let us provide the devices and components that will help you solve challenges, crush the competition and build the ultimate equipment.

A passion for technology, partnerships that run deep.

Partnering with technology manufacturers is one of our specialties. These relationships span years, allowing us to offer products you can't find anywhere else at a discount. With Tiger Rock Innovative Centre Limited you get more power and functionality per dollar spent.

Whether you're looking for the latest solutions or Certified Refurbished devices, our specialists will help you find the right technology from our diverse partner portfolio. Discover and save today!

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